You Carry Your Parents Early Life History Inside You - There is increasing evidence that memories of trauma that we personally never experienced can be inherited from our family members.

And I thought I was the father of all my children - Copyright 2006 Pauline Houle.

Motivational Speaker Cautions Beware of The Curse Of The Barry - Barry Bonds is so close, yet so far away.

Dating Lessons In Love - Are you on the look out for a boyfriend/girlfriend? Have you been single for a while? Have you somebody in mind who you would like to go on a date with? A few years ago I thought that I knew what my ideal partner or girlfriend would look and be li.

For More Success Break Your Routines and Traditions - For the past 30 years, Memorial Day weekend always found me, my brother, my dad, my nephew and several cousins enjoying our annual fishing get-away in Ontario.

Bird Flu Past Pandemics - The 20th century saw the emergence of several new influenza A virus subtypes that caused three pandemics, all of which spread around the world within a year of being detected.

Stress Simple Coping Tips - We all have stress in our lives, there is no avoiding it.

International Terrorist Serious US Steadfast - In warfare many philosophers believe that the human will to win is much more important to the actual victory than any other single factor.

The Pendulum Swings Conditions Change - For a long time, the pendulum on accessibility requirements was still because there were no standard requirements for accessibility.

No Doubt About Doubt - Often when we get in touch with our most heartfelt and hopeful dreams, what may also surface are some of our doubts.

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