International Terrorist Serious US Steadfast

In warfare many philosophers believe that the human will to win is much more important to the actual victory than any other single factor. An army who is out gunned and has the stronger will still takes the advantage. Many believe this is why the International Terrorists are not giving up so easy? Indeed, but that is far as I would go, as surely no one has more will than I and my fellow Americans, so if anyone thinks that they will over come this level of commitment; well they are in for a rude awakening indeed.The United States of America is the greatest single nation ever created in the history of mankind, and that is why I am an American.

It got to be number one due to the collective will of the American People and although you may not readily see that will if you are not living in the United States, those who do live here can feel it. You see Freedom and Liberty are contagious. For those in the World Media who give credit to our enemies; well, you might want to let everyone else on the Planet know that.We stand tall to protect the American People. That is the noble and honorable thing to do and that is the job of our government and therefore it must be done, above all else; No matter what. Now then if the other side says the same thing, then we must win and they must lose completely.

If they feel as strongly as we do about it, then I am sorry for them, but all they have to do is stop attacking and get with the program. Because the United States of America must stand and the people must be free and protected at all costs. Consider this in 2006.

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