Human Life Who Would Want To Do It

Obviously life is not easy or fair. It is not even close. And as folks reach their later years more and more seem to wonder if it is all worth it. Sure there are the great times and the not so great events which we endure, however all in all it isn't so bad. Now then the question of the day, if you had to choose to do it all again; would you? Would you choose to come back and live again, as a different person and go thru the trials and tribulations of a different life story or saga? Well would you? Ah, human life; who would want to do it?.

You know some cultures and religious belief systems believe that you get to choose who your parents are and who you will go thru life with. That is an interesting notion indeed. Other religious beliefs say that you are re-incarnated, fairly interesting concept too? What if you could choose, would you choose to go for it? Do it all again? Or would you simply say, I have had enough and choose not to partake in such activities such as the life experience?.There are some who actually believe that life is nothing more than the world's greatest virtual reality game or similar to the Matrix, if so, it is a very interesting game. But is it one you would wish to play? Well, would you go again? Would you choose to re-wind a little? Would you consider yourself privileged to play or to have been chosen to be a given character? Would you? Consider this philosophical thought for moment. I'll get back to you with another one later.

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