A True World only when everyone is Economic

To begin with, I confess that my following opinions would be really obsolete for a large number of people, especially to those who are crazing amongst materialistic prosperity. But, at least, I am doing it with good faith.Thank to Andreas whose writing tips pertaining to writing is the profound instigation of the title of this essay.

In my previous published article about quotes, I coined a quote: "taking serious step toward everything", does boast indispensable interconnection with this article. The sole scope of this article is to argue about my already published quote, to a more in-dept extent.The world is truly boasting "never-ending diversity phenomenon", which is everyone's, or to a larger extend, human desires. However, unfortunately, human being is wasting countless resources in indulging himself or herself into this diversity phenomenon. What is the ground behind this evil? The expert writer of this article would argue "ignorance" as the first and foremost foundation for human extravaganza.On every of our routine, such as answering the question, questioning, spending, thinking, self-expression and so fourth, to me, we are not proportionally respond to those social phenomenon or needs.

Indeed, it is the profound hardship to place ourselves into those philosophical abstract, but in fact, mostly those who can accustom herself or himself into this frame, I name "born-with human element", he or she is walking on most effective path toward success. This one of the reasons why we have very few successful persons in this world. Because most of us cannot accomplish this vocation, only the very few who knows that "success is not the destination, but the journey", are the ones who are entitled "successful persons.".

Start doing everything proportionally: just to the balance of the first phenomenon (answer within the question, pay within your needs, write within your knowledge and know-how and walk within your destination.) What does "celebrity" and "prosperity" mean? To me, it means, "making great differences." Those very few can accomplish the differences. This one of the reasons why their images are more clear-cut than us.

.LAY VICHEKA, final year student of law, translator for Pyramid Translation Co., Ltd., freelance writer for Search Newspaper, expert author and author for different websites around the world and a freelance writer for a research-based company in the United States of America, is tirelessly contributing to the field of humanity.

With extensive experience in law and politics, he is now categorized as "approaching the spiritual tuition in the very young age." He has pledged to help Cambodia and Cambodians. LAY VICHEKA can be contacted: 855 11 268 445 or email: vichekalay@yahoo.

com. Post address: 221H Street 93, Tuol Sangke quarter, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. LAY VICHEKA used to be a legal and language assistant to a Cambodian Member of Parliament and has even been grant with the international qualifications in his accomplishments on the world's stage. You are strongly advised to ask him any questions for free: politics, law, history, culture, current affairs and other opinions related to Cambodia through his address.

By: Vicheka Lay

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