Abandoning Consensus of the Means for the End Goal

So many people in our political structure have specific plans on how to achieve the will of the people and simultaneously steer enough good fortune to their political money supporters to stay in power that we have a completely filled political body. Yet some are not so smart and all too often jeopardize our nation's future for their own political gain at the expense of the people.Luckily there are enough good hearted Americans and supporters who believe in America that the line is ridden on but not crossed too far enough of the time to move the ball down the field for the common good of country, corporation, politician and our future children.

Now then this brings me to my next point and that is while all the rest of this political mess or controlled chaos is going on these same politicians get their selves in a tizzy fighting over the means of how to get there and get into super heated debate to the point of political suicide or character assassinating homicidal tendencies and well when that happens no one is served and thus my advice for the would be politician is stop burning bridges, look at the bigger picture, practice being a pragmatist and learn to a diplomat of gentile qualities.The reason I mention these factors is because I myself have watched politics from both sides and always consider the unfortunate need for human politics, even though it is a terrible way to run the human race. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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