AntiGlobalists and Bloodline Elite At Odds

So often protesters and rioters who are against the Worlds Entrepreneurial Capitalists and Global Movers and Shakers will make condemning and slanderous comments. These protest groups will incite conspiracy theories about those who are busy providing the resources and assistance necessary to helping the poorer nations in the third world. They go out of their way to condemn the bloodline elite, yet these anti-globalists fail to do anything of value themselves to fix the problems which plague mankind and go out of their way to say things such as;."We the People will take it from here on out so as to not stress you elites out over policing the world thru the UN.".

I find these comments fascinating in that they wish to deny one group of people their status as part of "We The People" due to their "bloodlines" and therefore are nothing more than bigots, racists and hypocrites. So there my friend I hand all of them their "mirror" back with all its hateful comments. What is the matter do they find this a little problematic when I turn the tables and simply show them the error of in their condemnation?.Just because someone has certain bloodlines does not make them lesser does it? They appear to think it does and call "elite bloodlines" and World Capitalists evil, yet look around, who do you think built all this anyway? Are they evil or merely a more cooperative human grouping able to propel them selves in the human-primate politics of modern civilizations?.Shouldn't we be thanking them rather than tearing down about the only folks who are trying to fix the problem? Maybe these anti-Globalist maggots might learn something in watching how they do things and work together to propel your family, business, religion, club or human grouping? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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