Unstopped Stress Shortens Your Life Span - A threat to your life or safety triggers a primal physical response from the body, leaving you breathless, heart pounding, and mind racing.

Traffic Congestion is Bad and Fuel Prices Too High Lance Rants - Many politicians suggest we spend money building up our infrastructure in America.

Relationship Mistakes Smothering your Boyfriend - Have you noticed that some girls just can?t help self destructing their relationships? Even when they have a great guy who treats them well, they start committing relationship sins that are sure to lead them to a cold and lonely destination.

Spirituality The Handbook For The New Paradigm - Perhaps the most powerful and influential message I have read is a document telepathically channelled by George Green entitled "The Handbook For The New Paradigm" which can be down loaded for Free at: http://www.

Interracial Couples - An interracial couple is a romantic or married couple in which the partners are of differing races.

Gas Prices Are On Fire - As I write this article the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is just under $3.

How To Keep Stress At Bay When Theres No Time For A Break - Taking exercise helps us get back in touch with reality, it grounds us and releases tension and feel-good endorphins.

Dont Date a Friend Part - You may have heard it before, but aren?t sure why they warn you, but dating a friend is one of the worst things you can ever do.

What Is A Society - When you start to delve into the question "what is society" you will realize that this is indeed a very deep subject.

Rules to transform an long distance love on the Internet into an normal relationship - Let's suppose that you are meeting someone online and that person seem to be the mach of your life, but is living far away from you.

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