Dont Date a Friend Part

You may have heard it before, but aren't sure why they warn you, but dating a friend is one of the worst things you can ever do. You may think it would be easy since you know everything about this person and trust them completely. However, what you know them to be as a friend may be a lot different than how they are as a significant other. They may be completely loyal to you as a friend, but they may not be the same when in a romantic relationship.

People often take on different mannerisms in different areas of their life. For instance, in school they may be quiet, but with you they may be loud. In a friendship they may be tolerable, but in a relationship they may be annoying.When you date someone you know so well already, there is not the same level of excitement most of the time because you already know everything you need to know. It may be hard to switch from "hanging out" mode to "dating" mode. Everything may feel really casual and you will likely crave something a little more romantically intense.

Plus, if your friend already knows all your tricks and secrets, how on in the world will you sneak off for a girls' night?.

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By: Peter Portero

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