Spirituality The Handbook For The New Paradigm

Perhaps the most powerful and influential message I have read is a document telepathically channelled by George Green entitled "The Handbook For The New Paradigm" which can be down loaded for Free at: 2 & 3 are also available at: http://www. is a timely message which I feel in my Heart should be read by every human being on this planet. The reason?.Well let's just say that the fate of the planet and humanity lies in the balance.It is not an easy read and for many perhaps most it will challenge your perspective of the wprld in every way possible.

It will raise the spectre of skepticism for many and many will turn away from it while reading it.Yet there will be the few who find that this is exactly what they have been searching for the entire time they have been here on this planet. The message will not only help this select few to awaken it will also help you remember who and what you are and what you came to this planet for.It is a message of empowerment that helps to dispel many of the distorted and enslaving beliefs that have humanity's neck in the noose.I support all of those who take up with courage the challenge to remember the truth and begin to live it here.

.Nick Arrizza M.D.

is a trained psychiatrist and spiritual healer. He is the developer of the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP).Web Sites: Young Living Web Site: http://www.youngliving.

org/arrizza.Article Source:,_M.D.


By: Nick Arrizza, M.D.

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