Christians and Money - Money: perhaps no other topic causes so much misunderstanding for Christians.

Muscle Cars Why Now - Nearly everything would argue against bringing back the muscle cars of the 60?s: Mustangs, Camaros, and Dodge Chargers.

Sexual Child AbuseMost Frequently Asked Questions - 1.

Bunco Babes Just Want to Have Fun Part - ?Bunco.

Asking For The Date - If you are going to ask somebody out on a date you should know why before you do it.

Divination Without Being Psychic - When we think about spiritual inquiring and divination, we often think that one needs to be psychic in order to do so.

International TV News The Way Forward - Edward Victor and Sarah Smith interview award-winning CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera journalist, Afshin Rattansi, about newsgathering and his novel, ?The Dream of the Decade ? The London Novels? published by Booksurge and available on Amazon.

Palestinian Terrorists Have Killed Israeli Kidnapped Soldier - Well it looks like things are heating up in the Gaza as the Palestinian Terrorist have now killed the Israeli Soldier that they kidnapped and Syria has sent troops in to help Hamas.

Starting Over at - I believe in second chances--especially for women turning 40.

Google Stands Up to Justice Department - Google has stood up against the United states justice Department in its attempts to gain access to its users search histories.

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