Palestinian Terrorists Have Killed Israeli Kidnapped Soldier

Well it looks like things are heating up in the Gaza as the Palestinian Terrorist have now killed the Israeli Soldier that they kidnapped and Syria has sent troops in to help Hamas. Israel has sent low-level jet fighters over the personal residence of the Syrian Leader as a warning and you can bet the next flight will indeed be a lethal one.The Palestinian Militant and Terrorist Group put out a press release stating that had killed an Israeli kidnapped in the West Bank. You can see the escalation and you can understand why the other day the Israelis had lined up their troops along the border and had done air strikes on a power plant and bridge in the Gaza Strip.What comes next? Well both Iran and Syria have made a pact to support each other in the event either is attacked. Both Iran and Syria have pledged money and assistance to help the Hamas Palestinian Authority government.

And now Israel will have no choice but to defend its self and they must take a hard-line which means less chance for meaningful negotiations.In fact as Iran builds a nuclear bomb and promises to blow Israel off the map; Israel will have no choice but to attack and thus history repeats once again in the Middle East and that is just the way it is going to go down. You cannot negotiate with Terrorists Organization or the Nation States, which sponsor them. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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