Are You Remarkable or Invisible

The marketing Guru Seth Godin says."You're either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice".What does this mean to you and me?.For me it means that we each choose what we want to be in the world.

We choose by our actions and inactions whether we want to be remarkable or invisible. When we search the web it seems full of people offering us get rich quick schemes and ways of beating the competitors by following their model rather than anyone else's. Or a way of avoiding all the hard work and cut straight to the chase and win easily. But in our experience there is no easy way.In the 1990's Julie and I went down the multi level marketing route. We had a great product and a really good company that looked after us, provided great training and paid out well and on time.

But we quickly learnt the buck stops at us. As we are two people who don't like to be invisible but want to be remarkable at everything we do, we had to put hours and hours in learning the skills and using them.The skills?.We had to learn to invest in ourselves and take responsibility for the results.We had to treat ourselves like a bank account and ensure we invested a sizeable sum every day.

We quickly learned from watching others that:.? a large amount invested every month was of little use.? an amount paid in as and when you felt like it was useless.? one huge effort every year was of no benefit whatsoever.

We learned, the difference between successful people and not successful is the effort they put in on the simple things. They do the basics well. They don't lose sight of the basics.If you want to get fit, it doesn't matter what method you choose, jogging, swimming, or whatever, you know that everyday your aim is to do better than you did yesterday. Not beat the guy next door who has been jogging for years, but your personal best. If you aim to beat someone else you will soon become disillusioned and stop training.

But if you aim to get better everyday then you have a yardstick, can see improvement and know you are getting better.The competition is not out there. The competition is YOU, the part of you that doesn't want to be remarkable and is content with being invisible.Now look at your life.Are you remarkable or invisible?.Do you go through life letting life drive you or do you take hold of your life by the scruff of the neck and decide you are going to place your mark on the world.

We are not talking about everyone being a great business person and wallowing in cash. No. We all have unique skills and abilities. The question is: are you using yours to the maximum or are they left at the back of the drawer for someone to find after you have died and say," they had all this talent and never used it. What a pity".The point is.

If you are invisible, then accept I chose to be invisible. I chose not to use my talents.Success, for us, is doing your best at everything you do.

It doesn't matter whether you reach the standard set by others. Did you give it your best shot?.Only you know. Only you know whether you cheated yourself.As Robert S Hillyer stated:."If you are doing your best you will not have to worry about failure".

In other words if you put in maximum effort in everything you do there is no failure. You did your best at that time. If it didn't turn out as you wanted don't get upset or frustrated, a new path has opened up for you. A new route.

A path to learn to become remarkable. All you have to do is put in the effort and gradually you will improve.It's simple to be remarkable all the time.

All you have to do is your best.Remember don't cheat yourself!.Graham and Julie

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com It's free.

By: Graham Harris

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