Attracting Positive Space with Your Thoughts

Gene and Martha were married for 3 years. Their relationship was rocky ? they had no respect for each other or for anyone else. They were constantly finding themselves in some kind of trouble or in some form of victimization. They were the perfect example of how you attract what you think about and how you get what you give.This couple had many issues, but what they didn't realize was that they were all self-inflicted.

They thought that the world owed them something and they were going to get it one way or another ? even if that meant treating other people badly.They would do things like hook their Christmas lights up to the neighbor's outdoor outlets and then wonder why the neighbors got so angry about it. They offered their basement to a girl who needed a place to sleep in between her 3 jobs and then got angry and kicked her out when she declined the position of becoming their maid ? for free.

They tried to sue her for money and then got angry at the courts when the case was thrown out - the couple's check to the court bounced. These were just a few of the many situations in which they found themselves.They were constantly complaining about how they were treated poorly or about how things never went their way. They had trouble making and keeping friends and couldn't figure out why, except that it had to be the "friend's" fault. They never stopped and thought about taking responsibility for their own actions or their own thinking.

For those of us on the outside looking in, it's easy to see what the problem is. The problem is the couple's thinking that the world owes them. They think it and then they act on it - that's what gets them in trouble.

This is obvious to us, but it's not obvious to them.It's harder for us to see what causes problems in our own lives. We are usually blinded by our own perception of what's going on. However, when we stop and take a look at any issue or situation, we'll see that it all comes down to attracting the situation through our thoughts.

Take any situation in your life that makes you uncomfortable. Now look at your own thoughts surrounding the situation. The deeper you look, the more you see that it started with your thinking and your actions.Don't see it yet? Look harder ? you will.

The positive side to all of this is that once you realize how your thinking and your actions put you in this space, you can use those same tools to get you out it. Or you can use those same tools to keep you from getting into a similar situation. Either way, you win.The key here is to make sure you take responsibility for where you are in life. It's always your own fault or your own success ? two sides to the same coin. The question is: Which side will you choose?.

.Wendi Moore-Buysse works with businesses who want to learn how to market to women. She coaches, teaches, and consults with women who want to develop problem-solving skills and leadership skills using intuition, self-talk, and the belief system. Her books from the Life's Little Cheat Sheets? Series, including "Shifting Gears: Get Moving in the Right Direction", are available through her website and events. "Shifting Gears" includes ways to shift your focus from what you don't want to what you do want.

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By: Wendi Moore-Buysse

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