Can Sharks Predict Future Hurricane Landfalls

Some believe that sharks are so in tune with their ocean environment that they know when Hurricanes are coming and where they will make landfall? Of course many skeptics say; Oh Hogwash or that is utter hokum and BS? Yet the observers of sharks near beaches in high intensity Hurricane years believe otherwise. This subject was recently brought up in an online think tank when on guest member stated;."Believe this or not.I observed drastic changes in shark behavior in Florida -- don't live there, but this was in the news -- of DRASTICALLY increased shark attacks, to the point of being grade B movie level, the spring and early summer before Katrina and the many other hurricanes of the massive, record breaking hurricane season of 2005. Several people around me had commented -- "I wonder if this means there's going to be a terrible hurricane season.

" I wonder what the (are there any left??) "indigenous peoples" of the original "Florida" would have surmised.".Okay lets try to explain this scientifically. If the water warms up then the sharks will come because they more like warm water right? Also if there is a trend of Hurricanes Cycles they move surface waters from warmer areas and the fish or food of the shark too.

Sharks are portable vacuums and need to eat a lot of fish, basically they are; "Highly evolved eating machines with a very sound design!".Hurricanes go in 10-20 cycles, so if the sharks come to the shore where the water is warm like a bathtub, well they like it there and they also know that the subsequent temps mean more fish will be brought to them via storm surges and that means abundance of food, as the dead zones are growing and they need to eat too. So, maybe there is more reality to why this is really. Seminole Indians, well sure there are and much of their blood is mixed now too.

But also realize that this summation could have been seen in any of the 10-20 year cycles in the region and there have been plenty and more people are living longer to see the cycles.Heck I am only 40 and I keep seeing cycles repeat in industries, fashion, social norms, economics, education, droughts, seismic activity, wars, civilizations, weather, etc. How about you? Maybe we need to take a more skeptical approach to this concept and think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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