Catholic Church Giving Up Adoption Says Boston Arch Diocese

The Catholic Church Arch Diocese of Boston says they will no longer do child adoptions because they refuse to allow gay couples to adopt. All this sound and fury hurts kids and one might say that this is not surprising of the attacks of the gay and lesbian movements.Actually myself, well I am equally appalled at the treatment of the Boy Scouts as well, as the Gay and Lesbian Community attacked something I very much approve of and even participated in as a kid. Sometimes such orphanages can assist kids, as such groups really help kids and keep them away from bad elements perhaps teach them teamwork, strength of character and the likes. Indeed I am not pro-Catholic Church, I am appalled by the priests and the molestations and rarely will talk highly of their religion.Judging from my family name one might assume I am like they, a Protestant, however I subscribe to no religion.

I am not Gay either, in fact at times I am appalled by the Gay fringe and their calling folks homophobics and such. I imagine the G and L Community are often worried about that same fringe and the cause and effect that is created for their movement.Kids will need adoption, the Catholic Church provided for that. This issue hurts kids. I am very upset, we put kids in the middle of a political fight, it is wrong.

I am upset with both sides of this debate, remaining neutral and pro-kids and what is best for them, not a bunch of arguing grown ups who need to chill out, bury the hatchet and consider a solution which is fair for all concerned.If you are Catholic great, but keep your religion to yourself, if you are gay, hey that is your thing. If you are neutral like me, that is fine too. But why all the sound and fury and why drag the kids who are already "at risk" through the mud? Why hurt the kids, what are we thinking in our society. Consider this in 2006.


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