Dating Delimma Should I Call Part II

Women and men all have trouble trying to decide when they should call their date after that first initial date. Often times this phone anxiety carries on to the second and third date as well. If you are unsure when you should make that follow-up call, take a look at these tips.Tip #1 If your cell phone is your primary means of communication you may want to send a text message to your date. Even though this can be a great tool, you do not want to overuse it.

By only sending text messages your date may get the feeling that you are being impersonal. A good combination of text messages and phone calls should keep you and your date happy.Tip #2 Avoid long phone conversations. If you have not known the person for a long time you will definitely want to avoid long phone conversations. If they drag on too long you may run out of things to say and cause a lot of awkward silence. Keep things short and sweet when setting up your next date.

Tip #3 If you said that you would call at a certain time, be sure to carry out the promise. Your date may have taken that promise to heart and be waiting around for your call. You do not want to portray yourself as unreliable from the start. Do not say that you are going to call at a certain time if you have no intentions of doing so.


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By: Peter Portero

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