Faith Its Role In Your Creative Process

Faith is a practical mechanism that empowers you to take the impulses you receive from The Divine?the impulses signaling to you what is longing to be born through you?and make sure these budding creations have the energy they need to manifest. These creations may be things?or they may be situations or states of being, such as healings, greater prosperity, higher consciousness. Faith is the energy path to go from where you are now, to the experience of that which you desire.Faith creates a lifeline of energy so that whatever it is you desire can attract the energetic substance needed for it to manifest. You maintain the integrity of this lifeline simply by assuming that it is unfailingly nourishing and strengthening the energy template of whatever it is that you wish to birth so that it can come fully into your experience at exactly the right time. Doubt, which is anti-faith, creates an energy blockage that deprives your desire of the energy it needs to manifest.

Acting as an energy bridge from what you are experiencing now into what we perceive as the future, faith connects what you conceive of and desire in this present moment across space-time to the point at which you can accept its manifestation. Until we have reached the point in our spiritual evolution where we are acting as the energy masters we really are?masters who have dropped all resistance and can manifest things instantly?faith plays the role of connector between concept and execution over a span of what we perceive as time.Faith is a tool that requires cooperation from the ego. Otherwise, through fear, doubt, disbelief, and resistance, it is the ego that impedes our total creativity, and our ability to instantly manifest.

Our ego-minds are extremely short-sighted, and tend to believe that if they can't see it, it doesn't exist?that if no movement is perceptible to it, then no movement is occurring. But the lion's share of the creative process takes place in the unseen realms, so faith allows you to hold the lifeline of energy in place so that what is coalescing around your desire can be fed while the manifestation has not yet appeared in this dimension.When we help the logic-loving ego understand that unwavering faith is not an abstract concept, but is a practical necessity for creating, having, doing, and being all that we long for, we can more easily get it on board and get it to drop its resistance. A masculine-polarity entity such as the ego is action-oriented, and needs to contribute.

An ego without a job serving Spirit is an ego fomenting doubt or dissent, and drawing us down in frequency. So give your ego-mind an opportunity to participate constructively in your divine creations by empowering it to take any necessary practical action in the 3-D world, and by encouraging such activities as making collages or writing stories about how the manifestation of your desire looks and feels. Even your ego will be enthusiastic when the results of your faith become undeniable, and it will more readily allow you to experience that pervasive, constant knowing that all is in Divine Order.

There will come a point at which you are high enough in frequency, and so aligned with your God-Realized Self, the true creative aspect of you, and so absolutely certain of your ability to create your desires, there will never even be a flicker of doubt. Until then, know that faith is a vital tool for being the creator that you are.


2006 Julia Rogers Hamrick.Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator for over two decades, and is the author of Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet. Julia writes about and leads seminars on proactive joy, and the relationship between frequency and experience. For more information on Julia and recreating Eden, and to get on her list to be eligible for her f'ree monthly teleseminars, visit http://www.

By: Julia Rogers Hamrick

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