How To Have A Pleasant Date

You love dating. You want to date few persons of your choice and then decide with whom you would wish to continue. Do you make your dating a pleasant experience for both of you? Are your dates happy when they walk out? Do they enjoy their time when they are with you? Do you make them feel good? Do they feel that they were one of their good friends? Because if you don't create a good experience, your dates would not agree for another date and you would always keep on looking for new dates. How to make dating a pleasant experience? Let us find out.

Let us find out about you. When do you feel happy? You feel happy with good friends with who can enjoy yourself without many reservations. You like them as persons and you talk with them on all pleasant topics.

You have found that whenever you talk about anything unpleasant, the atmosphere gets strained. You know that everyone loves appreciation. You also know that they love talking about subjects that are intelligent and thought provoking.How about treating your date as a good friend.

How about behaving informally with them? How about keeping a smile on your face? how about listening to them intently and responding intelligently? How about asking them questions that make them feel happy and avoiding everything that may create strain? How about making them love every moment with you? How about not worrying about the result of the meeting but having a good time together? Please do all this and you will be amazed at the results.

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By: CD Mohatta

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