How to Write Effective Emails on a Dating Site

Are you a member of an online dating service? Have you ever felt frustrated on not getting any responses from people? Have you tried a lot of tricks but none of them have worked so far? If you are a victim of online dating crisis then this article is for you! We will tell you some basic strategies of writing effective emails that are guaranteed to get responses. Just keep reading on and find out how easy and within reach success really is!.1. Start off by writing simple emails commenting on one or more aspects of a person's profile.

For example, consider their hobbies. If they have an unusual hobby or an interest that matches one of your own, then comment on them.2. Ask them something about one of their qualities. People are often touched by someone's concern about one of their shortcomings and vulnerabilities. If somebody has mentioned he/she is a quiet person, ask them if they would like to break the ice sometime and spend a delightful evening with someone like you.

3. Ask about their online dating experience so far. Tell them some of your own experiences.4.

If they have written something that interests you particularly, e.g. some sport or activity, then ask about it enthusiastically and tell them how thrilled you were to have found a person with whom your interests match.

5. Give a humorous touch to your email. Relate something they have written in their profile with a popular joke or funny saying by some celebrity.

Ask them if they think the same.6. Don't criticize about their views on life, family and future. Ask them humbly where those views got their roots from.

Tell them you would love to have a partner whose moral values match theirs.7. Avoid serious and boring topics, e.g.

politics, economics, history of Christianity and other similar topics. Girls usually hate guys who are utterly serious. Guys, on the other hand, hate it when girls try to be over-informative about such matters.

8. Ask about their opinion on first date, romance, love, marriage, commitment etc. in a humble and humorous way without implying anything or letting them know your underlying intentions.9. Ask about their favorite movies, celebrities and players and tell them that you would love to watch a particular movie with them judging by their interests.10.

Tell them what you liked the best about their profile honestly. Also leave a comment on any of their photos.Just follow these simple rules of writing successful emails on any dating site and then wait to get positive responses from people you like!. is 100% free dating site and matchmaking service for singles.

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By: George Wood

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