Israel Must Escalate the Conflict in the Middle East to Protect Its People

Why is Israel allowing the minor kidnapping issue by a fundamentalist group to escalate into a war with Syria and Iran? Well, consider if you will the bigger picture. Iran is making Nuclear Weapons by enriching Chinese uranium stock.It is only a matter of time until Iran has an Atomic Bomb and gives it to the International Terrorist organizations whose goals are similar; Blow Israel off the Map. So this means the future is foretold unless action is taken between now and November fifteenth. Why is this an issue?.

Israel needs a really good reason to go after Iran and those Nuclear Bombs and Syria just signed a pact with Iran to back them up in case of war too. Israel is an ally of the United States and Iran has threatened the United States and all of our allies if we try to prevent them from making nuclear bombs.Nevertheless the time clock for Israel is much shorter and they must act and the better reasons they have for a pre-emptive strike the better they can all get along in the future after they annihilate Iran. And to protect their people and the future of their civilization they must act decisively and completely and that means civilian populations too.If not they will lose their civilization to radical fundamentalist international terrorists with nuclear weapons. So it is in the best interest of Israel to attack Iran prior to them having nuclear weapons and have a very good reason for doing so for World Public Opinion.

Consider this in 2006, as we approach WW III.

.Lance Winslow.

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By: Lance Winslow

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