Language Origins Lead to Architecture

Arch-tectons:.There once was a worldwide culture and I have been saying this as long as I can remember. It isn't that I discovered this or knew it from mere common sense and the fact that humans are adventuresome and probably were a lot more so before the advent of TV and other ways to idly spend time without gaining a great deal of soulful nourishment.

I am sure I read about these things before I was in grade one in books by Conan Doyle or Edgar Rice Burroughs. But we were taught an entirely different history when I was in school. Judging by the extreme reactions from people who read my work and attack all the scientific sources I am pretty sure the majority of educational systems in the world are still teaching the Manifest Destiny and Flat Earth-derivative propaganda that serves nations and the elites who manage us very well. The nature of prior culture was not to build borders to separate man it would appear. One of the earliest sciences that continue to bring us more proof of this worldwide culture is linguistics.Recently a Harvard Professor found a script in the Negev Desert.

The same root script is found far earlier in Australia. But that only goes back to 5000 BCE. Ogham is far more ancient as is its relative Old European from the region of Casiberia or the Caucasus.

Alexander Marshack took twenty-five years to prove these people who went to Iberia had an accurate lunar calendar. These people are the 'travelers' in many cultural myths around the world and genetics shows these Red Heads were in America as soon as they were in Northwestern Europe if not a little while before.The study of symbols and the deep meaning and healing power of mandalas will not be on many university courses.

But when people study ancient languages they cannot help but see spiritual meanings and meditative or healing systems galore. Jung's archetypes or Hebrew meditations like Unsheathing the Soul by focusing on the letters of the vowelless script letters of ancient Hebrew are two fine examples. The design or letters also developed the octaves of music or became more understood through chanting such as the Mungo Man in Australia was adept at. The way energy interacts or responds to other energy is witnessed in our chakras and solar body as well as in the design of buildings and the apparent chaos of the world around us. Pythagoras' Golden Mean is one of the still important architectural axioms. In fact the word architect comes from 'high-builder' or arch-tecton such as we see the family of Jesus is identified as in the Septuagint.

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By: Robert Baird

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