"Maturity begins when we are content to feel we are right about something without feeling the necessity to prove someone else wrong." Sydney Harris

Maturity is the blossoming of a person's character into a unified totality.It develops a balanced emotional outlook, helping the individual to accept oneself with all the talents and limitations.It also helps to accept others as they are.

Maturity assumes responsibility for one's actions.It is accountable;it constantly assesses, judges and takes appropriate decisions.Maturity analyses values and interralises them constantly.It helps us to face emotional crises.

It is a gradual process that comes with self-knowledge and self-realisastion.It shapes a person into a responsible adult helping him/her to overcome inferiority complex.It gives the serenity to accept what cannot be changed and the courage to change what can be. It gives the wisdom to know the difference between what is balanced and what is not balanced.

Maturity helps to develop self-control as well as respect for others. It helps us to live by our convictions.


Socrates was once asked by one of his disciplines: "Why is it, sir, that you tell everybody who wants to become your disciple to look into this pond and tell him what he sees?" "That is very simple, my friend," answered the sage. "I am ready to accept all those who tell me they see the fish swimming around.But those who see only their own image mirrored in the water are in love with their ego.

I have no use for them."

Maturity Can Be Cultivated through
Adhering to regular programmes for studies, reading, reduce eating, etc.
Participating in thought provoking discussions.

Listening attentively to the opinion of others.
Recognising one's potentials and limitations having self-control with respect to moods and feelings being what one really is
Understanding others as they are
Not being easily swayed by the influence of others.

Identify mature persons and their life-style.
What are the benefits of being a mature person?
Recall life-situations when you or others had acted with maturity.
Think of a news item, short story, magazine article, literary piece, skit, biography, photo, painting, T.

V or radio serial depicting this value.

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