Memorization Intelligence and Deep Understanding

For those whose study educational science and many of those who write white papers on the subjects of; learning, reasoning and thinking, will often describe the differences between memorization, reading and understanding. However, I would like to make a specific point in that is that people who are very good memorization, often have a better setup faculties and abilities in their brain and thus are often very good at deep understanding.Needs some cultures memorization is a key factor in the way things are taught. Generally those brains through either nurture or nature are formatted to memorize well will do fairly well on multiple-choice questions and thus do better on tests. In a classroom setting these people may look to be smarter than the student, who actually has better understanding of the total concepts been brought forth through the instruction of the professor.

Yet, many professors realizing this understand that all too often they are giving an advantage to those students who were good at memorizing and placing facts into their short-term memory. However, the student that truly understands the concepts use the one who receives the maximum benefit and is actually perhaps more suited for the job at hand. Now then, this brings me to another point of the multiple-choice questions that are being used in the No Child Left Behind tests. In that, are we penalizing the most brilliant students in doing so? If so, we must call the no Child left behind tests; the "No Child Allowed to Advance" tests. Considered as a 2006.

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