More the Delay More the Enjoyment Delayed Gratification for Men in Dating

Put a check on your levels of expectation, before you get into the dating arena. If you are a man in a hurry, you are also a man who will lose faster than others. Do not expect instant gratification.

Remember one important thing in dating, women hate to be pushed.Wait & watch is the other name of the game. It's somewhat like the investment scenario. You put your money in stocks which you believe are good areas of investment. You monitor its movement daily, leave and run when it loses.

And when it starts to pay dividends gradually, you feel like investing a little more. A very important lesson here is never invest more than you can afford to lose. The principle is just the same in dating too! Invest your time, energy, effort and money on winning horses ? but take one day at a time.

People the world over, in any industry, avoid commitments as much as possible. If you meet a losing salesman, you will know why. He rushed to make his customer commit! Something that the customer hates. Similarly, if you rush a woman to make a commitment, any commitment, she immediately raises her defensive guards. She starts feeling claustrophobic and pushed.

Don't touch her sense of freedom. Even you wouldn't like it, if someone did that to you.At the same time, the contrary is to be avoided also. Don't go TOO SLOW! As long as you have finalized the next step, be it, the next date, next dinner, next kiss, whatever, try and match her pace as much as possible. If you can go slower than hers, without her losing interest or attraction for you, you have won 90% of the battle. She is poised to follow you.

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By: Joshua Goh

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