Natural is the Way to Go

In this day and age of wanting things quickly, easily and cheaply, sometimes you must take a step back and think about what you are doing and how it affects your home and your body. Being 42 years old, my body isn't the same as it was and has started to show noticeable "wear and tear" in ways it really shouldn't. So has my home that I purchased in 1999.

For my home, it wasn't as noticeable until I started redecorating. What do you see when you remove a picture that has been hanging in the same spot for a few years? I saw something I didn't expect to see - a clean wall! After taking everything down, I looked around and could see the places where I had hung every picture and shelf. What I had figured out was the candles I was burning had been putting out this soot that had covered everything - except where it couldn't touch. I took those pictures and some cleaner and wiped off the glass protecting the image and was mortified! Did I see this on my windows? Not really because I cleaned them from time to time and expected to see something getting cleaned off there, typically fingerprints from the kids and nose prints from our dogs.I always changed our air filters frequently and had assumed that we had normal wear and tear with the dust, dogs and kids coming in and out as our air circulated. This does make me wonder just how much of that soot had been floating throughout our home, with us breathing it in! I recalled articles I had read some time ago regarding churches that have all those candles burning and the breathing hazards that were taking place.

From that point on, I had thrown out all the candles I had. Every once in a while I'd have a longing to smell or burn a pretty candle for the relaxing environment it creates, so I'd run to the store and get one. One can't hurt, right? For most people this is really true.

For me, one is generally not enough because I love the mood a candle creates, especially scented candles.One day I was goofing around on the internet and stumbled upon candles made of all natural materials. One thing I noticed as I was reading is the website said there was virtually no black soot from these candles. Can it really be possible for me to go back to my candle burning ways and not have the sooty mess I was left with from previous years? Do you think I purchased some? You bet! From the time I lit my first candle, to the point it burned to the very bottom of the jar, there was practically no noticeable soot on the sides of the jar.

This is too good to be true! Not only does it burn cleanly, but they burned evenly and the scent was as strong from the first light, clear down to the bottom of the jar! It didn't stop there. Once it had burned to the point where it would be no longer light a wick (which I thought was a nice safety feature so no flame would touch the glass jar causing breakage), I scraped out the rest of the wax and put it in my melt warmer and enjoyed the rest of the scent.For those of you candle lovers looking for a cleaner alternative to your traditional candles, I would highly recommend looking into candles made from alternative materials.

I have tried several varieties, and for the most part am pleased with them. Naturally I've got my favorite by now and will be burning only these in my home from now on, and they make the best gifts as well! Who wouldn't love receiving a gift of a natural candle?.

.Sandy Milton has taken her love for candles to a new level has she is now coaching others on how to start their own successful home based business. To contact Sandy, you can send an e-mail to Sandy@SandysSpot.

net or visit her webpage

By: Sandy Milton

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