No Prince Charming Youve Got to be Kidding Me

It all started with, "Once upon a time there lived a noble gentleman who had a little girl.".Stop right there and rewind! Before we get to the end of this story, where two people go off and live a fairy tale life, I have to tell you that there is no Prince Charming.

The sooner that we ladies wake up and realize that, the better life will be.The average woman spends her life waiting for that perfect man, the one who completes her. He's the one for whom she would not only give her heart, but her life. She keeps hoping and praying that Prince Charming will ride up on his horse and sweep her off her feet, and then they will ride off together and live happily ever after.What you see in movies and read in books is not what real relationships are about.

The perfect man is not out there. Do you want to know why he isn't out there? Because, he does not exist! In my opinion, there is no such thing as perfect. Like every woman, each man has his flaws, his weaknesses, and his strengths. How can a woman expect a perfect man, when we as women are not perfect?.

In the movie, "The Perfect Man" Holly Hamilton (played by Hillary Duff) creates the illusion of "the perfect man" for her single mother, Jean Hamilton (played by Heather Locklear) who believes that she needs a man to be complete. Along the way Holly and Jean both learn that life is not really all that simple. Of course the movie is flawed because she winds up with a guy in the end. Go figure!.But my point in all of this is: Ladies true happiness comes from within and while you are busy searching for that perfect man; you could be missing out on someone very special.

There may be such a thing as true love, but you won't find it kissing frogs. He won't be placing a glass slipper on your foot and he won't say the right words and do the right things all the time.Quit dreaming about fairy tales and start living your life.

As one learns to see one's self more clearly, she will see others more clearly. Don't be influenced by images and illusion.Life is funny that way. We spend so much time searching for a Prince. We have to ask ourselves if we are looking for love while blindfolded? A successful relationship is hard work and it takes commitment from both parties to make it last a lifetime.

Remember that we all have faults and we all have short comings. Sometimes you just have to meet somewhere in the middle.While there may be no such thing as a true "Prince Charming" and life isn't quite like you dreamed as a child. There certainly may be a man out there that can be the next best thing.Ok, start the story. "Once upon a time there lived a noble gentleman who had a little girl.

".I bet you can't wait to see the ending.


Rose DesRochers is a published poet and freelance writer. Rose has been writing poetry for more than 20 years. She is also the founder of http://www. , a supportive online writing community for men and women over 18. She is also the Assistant Administrator of

By: Rose DesRochers

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