of All Illegal Aliens Are Not From Mexico

Many people think that all illegal aliens are all for Mexico but they aren't. And it takes a lot longer to process people who are not for Mexico, as we try to send back their country. And while our authorities are getting ready to send them back many days will go by.That means we're responsible for providing them a bed and meals before we take them back to where they came from.

On average in illegal alien that was not for Mexico would take up to 66 days to process. Meeting the taxpayer had to put the bill to feed them while authorities got ready to take them back.Then the United States taxpayer has to pay the cost in travel. Some illegal aliens were from places like Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc. have you ever try to buy an airline ticket to one of those countries? It doesn't matter you already have as the taxpayer. Now the process time is only about 20 days but we still have to pay for travel.

And some countries will not take the people back.For instance China; if we catch illegal aliens from China in the storage container in San Francisco Port, then we have to ship them halfway around the world, but if we land in China with these people the Chinese government will not let them get off the plane or out of the terminal. It's our problem; deal with it.

Well that is a find how do you do considering how much products we buy from China. Consider all this in 2006.

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