Online Guitar Courses Choosing The Right Website For You

When looking to teach yourself guitar, guitar lesson websites can be rather hit or miss. Most times you just don't know what you are in for. When looking for the best guitar lesson websites for you it is important to know what you want, and what the site is providing. The main things to look out for are: * Skill Level : Is this above or below my current ability? * Videos : Most people find it easier to learn when shown what to do. If you are going to successfully learn guitar, videos are a must * Audio : Do you get examples of what you are learning or are you just expected to read some guitar tab (common guitar notation) and work it out? Do you get jam tracks (music to play along to) to help you learn? * Theory : Does this provide you with any grounding on WHY you are playing what you are playing? * Technique : Does the package cover correct physical technique (so many courses ignore this) * Structure : Are you left on your own and just given a bunch of links to lessons, or does the online lesson give you a planned path through their guitar lessons that will help you learn faster? Just like in school, if you want to learn how to play you need a plan. * Downloads : Do you get any downloads, such as free software or e-books? * Personal : Sometime you need a little personal help.

Do you have access to anyone directly? * Guarantee : If it's not what you expected can you get a refund? * Cost : Think you'll find a guitar course that is any good for free? Forget it. But some are better value for money than others and will help you play guitar faster than the competition. Three of the best available are: * JamPlay - Jamplay is making a huge impact in the online guitar lesson world. Jamplay offers a membership only website which supplies hi-def video guitar lessons. They have brought together guitar instruction with interactivity.

even allowing you to ask questions to their video instructors. They feature 17 guitar instructors (and growing) to give you a variety of teaching methods, which is a huge advantage. * Jamorama - The Jamorama team have developed a new version of the very popular learn guitar course that has set the standard for online and downloadable guitar courses. The new versions of the two books, Jamorama Beginners and Jamorama Advanced, are already proving to be one of the most popular guitar learning guides on the market.

Jamorama has 64 new video examples and exercises. That makes 148 videos in all that perfectly compliment the five exclusive computer games and ebooks that come in the Jamorama Learning Kit. * Elmore Music - Elmore Music's latest "Speed Learning System" is made up of GuitarTips, GuitarSongs, GuitarLeads, GuitarBackingTracks as well as GuitarTheory - all in the one package! Designed to give the user the ultimate learning tool in one go - users have the option to purchase individual courses or the entire 'Speed Learning System' package deal. Before you choose you need to be sure that the guitar website you pick match up with what you need and what you want. There are many websites providing guitar lessons. I highly recommend you check out my website listed below for some more detailed reviews of the best products on the market.

I hope the guide above will help you make the right decision for you.

Chris Watson (also known as Wookie) is a musician with years of live experience under his belt. He runs several websites for musicians and guitarists. is the latest.

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