In the time between the era of Count Rumford and the Greeks it is possible that more genetic or ethereal ritualistic knowledge was imbued into the ether and the CONstructs the mystery schools maintain. The reverse is also possible. But how can I demonstrate the existence of hallucinatory projections or energy CONstructs ? much less show how ritual sex and Tantra has anything to do with it. Clearly this is more involved than this book can address.Pederasty was the mentoring of young men so that they could achieve and learn a great deal ? the argument goes ? but it was a power play as well as a sexual deviation from heterosexuality in some cases.

Is this a bad thing if all people are born with both male and female energy as well as the ability to love and know the soul of a person of the same sex? I say it is if the young person is manipulated to serve the needs of the older person. So Jung could see how YHWH or Yahweh became Jehovah and was perverted to be a male deity, which also became pre-eminent in the Trinity which I sometimes jokingly call 'Laddio, Daddio and Spook'. The earlier Triune Nature of Man which contemplated the nature of the Tao and yin and yang in each person, be they male or be they female, was correct and the hemisphere research on the left and right brain nature of man is showing this from science today.

There is also some research that shows if a woman in gestation is affected by milk at a certain juncture in the birthing process that the child she bears will become gay. Archaeology has shown that the Oracle at Delphi had underground fissures that emit mind-altering gases and I wonder if the goat or cow's milk during this period of the Greek culture had some elements that caused more gay people. Perhaps it is less than proper to suggest that Aristotle had also given Alexander some seminal secretions. There is humor of some kind in that comment and I hope it does not offend too much. I know I have to have a sense of humor to endure seeing academia deny that the great alchemists like Aristotle (and Aquinas who later incorporated his work into Churchian-directed dogma) are alchemists. These same academics and scholars say they know what they are talking about so you can justifiably ask whether they too are told what to say.

"Aristotle had clearly not spent his valuable time in vain in devoting it to the education and preparation of the young prince. Seeing in him the 'chosen vessel' for the fate of the Greek spirit, he equipped him with the uplifting power of Greek thought and achievement. Aristotle was successful where his master Plato had met with disastrous failure, when he attempted to initiate another 'king' Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse, into the mysteries of philosophical thought and the philosopher's view of the world." (1) Mr.

Yalouris is noteworthy in his failure to use the words that really describe Aristotle and Plato ? 'alchemist' is the one best word!.

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By: Robert Baird

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