Problems With DoGooder SelfImprovement Types Making Society Weak

There are so many self-improvement types and psychologists working on helping people get through their problems and their stress in life. Many of these psychologists and self-improvement consultants write articles and the give advice, and many of them a mean well. Unfortunately a lot of what I see it is there are many problems with these do-gooder self-improvement types as they are making society weak.If someone has psychological issues or tremendous stress in their life then they need to channel that energy and those issues and do something about it. However, going through old childhood memories and trying to psychoanalyze every single event in someones life is purely silly. People need to take responsibility for their actions and deal with their hardships and stop complaining and making excuses.

Too many do-gooder self-improvement types allow people excuse themselves out of things to try to make them feel comfortable even when they failed to perform a duty or made good on a responsibility. There is no excuse for failure, no excuse for piss poor performance in any of lives many endeavors.It would seem to me that self-improvement types really want to help the people who they are consulting with then they would tell them to be more responsible for their actions, honor their commitments and stop acting like such a crybaby. But if they did that I suppose the people would be cured and not need them anymore?.I don't like self-improvement psychologists because of the bad advice they give to people who are already weak when too often this advice makes them weaker.

But then again, I do like weakness anyway and I think weak people are of no value because they do not try, they make excuses and everything is always suddenly someone elses fault. Who needs them, they don't do anything. Now then, how can we help the self-help experts? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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