Roman Empire Fell While the People Were Frolicking and Partying

If is a wide held fact that Rome fell during a slave revolt while people were partying and frolicking; does this mean that while men are busy loving other men and carrying on in a Homosexual Way that those less privileged in a lower created class of people will revolt?.Well the Roman Empire fall is a fear tactic to insight fear in the voters in an on-going controversy over gay marriage and economic enslavement of illegal alien workers. Thought I would just throw it in for fun, as it has been discussed at least philosophically by others in Internet forums and in Blogs. Some say that the modern United States with all its wealth most resembles those final years in Rome when the masses and lower classes and slave issues festered into rage.Really it has better connotations to the illegal immigration issues in the news now and the economic enslavement and separation of classes than the debate on gay marriage. But, it does make for a scary comment against gay marriage for those who have introduced the similarities.

You know since the media controls the minds of the masses, it only takes a few issues like this to scare the masses into moving society a certain way.Nevertheless many see similarities with homosexuality and the frocking at and around the time of the fall of Rome and so they have brought this issue up. Dare we ask if history will repeat in the current greatest civilization ever created in the history of the human race? Consider this in 2012.


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