Secrets And The Afterlife In Our Worlds Beyond

I tell you what one of the best parts about communicating with Our Worlds Beyond is. It is learning of secrets, things and events in other people's lives without their knowledge.The insights that we gain from such knowledge is often riveting and reveal so much more about people than if people actually told you themselves.

Allow me to explain.In the first place, our other place of existence - the place we call 'heaven' or 'The Astral Plains' - have very little need for lies, misdirection or pointless silence. Those on the other side (and do remember that you and I *will* become one of them ourselves in due course) know far better than we, the true value of *The Truth*. One cannot grow in the shadow of lies and so, in being just slightly nearer The Great Light than when they were here and, in being a part of that truth themselves, the truth is everything. And they will stick by that truth too, no matter what! Meantime, when truth is everything then, understand, no 'secret' of any description exists over there.

When we are faced with the light of The Truth, we are *all* naked and laid bare so that *all* may see who and what we are *all* the time.However, what many of us don't realise is that, we are laid bare in this way, not only then - but right now too! We do not have to die or be dead to then be 'in soul' for our secrets to be revealed. What many of us also forget is that, inside these shells we call 'bodies' our *soul* exists. And so, where the soul exists, so too, does the truth also exist through it.

This truth is then reflected through our souls to our Auras - for all to see at a glance - who and what we truly are deep down. In short, our auras are - in all seriousness - open books in which, every single moment of our lives have been faithfully recorded and that each page - and even each line within each page - can be viewed by any sentient being anywhere in any dimension of existence. None of us can hide this truth at any time from anyone.

And so, in being so freely available to all and sundry anytime day or night, what many of us also do not realise is that, in being sentient beings ourselves, we too can tap into this information any time we like.So, for example, if we needed to know if someone close to us has had - or is having - say, a 'secret' affair then, this information can be accessed.If someone is having problems that they wont share (for whatever reason) then this information can be accessed.If someone is ill but doesn't know it themselves then, this information can also be accessed.If someone is pregnant and is not aware of it (it happens) then, this information can also be accessed.

But, we can go deeper with this - and a LOT deeper too.If someone we knew was say, a 'secret' paedophile, this too can be accessed (and yes, even if it was *years* ago too!).If someone murdered or harmed someone but was never caught then this too can be accessed. (In many cases, the harmed or murdered person will show up to verify this now, very public knowledge - likewise with paedophiles too!).In now being able to access any information on any level with each person we meet, it is also common to discover new and often riveting information about people and their pasts too, say, when they were children or youths - how they got on with their parents and other relatives etc as well as what all this entails?.

"Oh My Goodness! Share *My* Secrets? I Don't Want That!".Upon first inspection, of course, to realise that such information can be accessed by *any* sentient being anywhere will cause some trepidation. But, you must understand that, such information about anyone is not used in nearly the same way there, in our afterlife, as it is used here on this - very greedy, power-hungry, materialistic, small-minded world. When a body or group learn something about us here on Earth then, nine times out of ten, it is used *against* us. The Data Protection Act was invented because of misappropriation , misuse and, generally, unlawful practices - as it still is.

So, in this sense, being nervous about having so much known about us by all and sundry is understandable and, in my view, absolutely necessary.You see, to me, it is not enough to say that we 'shouldn't fear it if we have nothing to hide'. Whilst a lot of law-abiding citizens hide behind this common statement yet, it is not good enough for me.

My view is, "Why do you need so much information about me when there is nothing to *reveal*?" - "Why is it necessary to *know so much about me if you do NOT intend to use it against me someday?" At the moment, we have the right to protect our identities. But, I promise you that, one day (and soon at that) this privilege will be completely lost and that ID cards are only the beginning. Then we will pay for it I'm sure (oh, only through the nose over and over again that's all).Be that as it may yet, such information is, most certainly, NOT used in the same way in Our Worlds Beyond.

In fact, it is not even viewed the same way either but is (often) utilised for exactly the *opposite* reasons and that these reasons are always, always, always about *growth*.When we pass over to the great afterlife beyond, suddenly, all is revealed - not to 'them' - those we meet - but to US. The only 'secrets' that we ever possess over there are those that *we* may have specifically kept from ourselves.

That's the first thing. The second thing is that, when we do come to discover any - let's say - 'aberrations' then, it is not through 'punishment' that our 'secrets' are resolved but through facing them and then *understanding* how they came about and what we did with them. You see, the 'currency' on the other side (Heaven - The Afterlife or whatever) is all about understanding and not punishment. Through understanding, we grow. Through understanding, we come closer to The Truth and 'All That Is'. The closer we come to 'All That Is' the less our chances of repeating past mistakes.

(And, be assured, we ALL want that like you wouldn't believe you know?) And so, as you can see, that 'currency' is worth a lot isn't it? And so it is.So, let us say, for example, that you feel that your spouse/ lover is having a secret affair and you need to know.Well, firstly, my advice would be that, before you even set out to ask the question then, I would suggest that you prepare for the worst case scenario. Live it in your mind. Make it true. And *then* decide upon a course of action (or no action at all - as *you* decided or see it) that you know is right for you and that you can live with it for all your life.

Remember, life is all about the things we DO and not so much the things we 'say' we'll do. 'By Your *Actions* Be Ye Known' - is a great and very wise parable. I would take it very seriously indeed and heed it. Then, when you're ready, go to my Spirit Contact Board(c) 2006-7, speak to someone you know you love and trust and then ask them this 'dreaded' question. I promise you that, whatever the truth is, you will be told.

From that point, you must decide what happens next for, by then, the ball will be stuck very firmly in *your* court. Thus, whatever follows becomes just *your* responsibility alone and no one else's Ok? (No pointing of fingers now. No matter how good it may feel at the time yet, pointing fingers at someone *else* and *not* oneself never works).I have had this happen. I have had someone around my SCB(c) 2006-7 with me whereby, to my utter surprise, this student's first question was, "Did my husband have sex with my sister all those years ago?" (I nearly jumped out of my skin when she asked this.

I would have liked some warning you know?). And the reply? Well, she wasn't happy with it. What did she do about it? Well, after the fireworks - which went on for weeks of course, he (finally) admitted his failings. But, to their credit, they have remained steadfast.

However, the bad news is, neither have spoken to her sister since. (Shame isn't it? What a loss! And, what for eh?).However, this is but one example of what may be gleaned through interacting with and communicating with those from our afterlife worlds.

But, I have to add that, not all secrets are like this. There are *many* secrets to be revealed that are extremely positive that, once revealed that, in themselves, can change worlds.Supposing you're a healer and don't know it? How many people do you think need you?.Supposing you're a very creative person but don't know it or have ever tapped into it properly even if you did?.More importantly.Supposing.

you are *not* the 'little thing' you think you are or have been led to 'believe' but are, in fact, a *great* being deep inside?.You think you could DO something with that kind of knowledge about yourself? I know I could.So, as you can see, some secrets need to be told. However, from the afterlife, they *all* do.

But then, why do they?.Oh, that's another story which I will share with you another time. (And it's a whopper I promise you).I thank you for your time.

Bob Daulby.

.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.Bob Daulby is a world renowned, global expert on matters of life after death, the greater life and Our Worlds Beyond. He has contacted and communicated with all kinds of entities from the astral plains, other-worldly beings (aliens) as well as with those from inter-dimensional existences and different time-lines.

He can teach you to do the same in a very safe, sure and positive manner at: so that everyone may glean limitless knowledge, love and understanding as well as adventures beyond dreams. Please visit where this too can be yours.

By: Bob Daulby

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