Security in Our Rail Yards and Truck Terminals

Recently the subject came up in an online think tank that an International Terrorist might try to sneak into a rail yard disguised as some who had legitimate business there. But how would they do this? Well one think tanker suggested that they might simply walk in like they own the place with a clipboard and then case the place, look for chemical tanker cars and do so in broad daylight.Additionally, I had considered this and thought, sounds far-fetched, until I started to consider my own experiences with rail yards and truck terminals too.

Actually I have walked into such places with clipboard in hand myself. I have done this in rail yards all over this nation in at least 20 states selling contracts to clean rail cars, railroad equipment and trucks for our franchise teams.These yards were owned and run by Union Pacific, CSX and other Rail Roads both large and small. I found CSX yards the best as far as security, generally someone would come out and have me check in at the office.

But much of what the think tanker reported is the reality of the situation in many places and it is somewhat business as usual.Indeed any truck terminal in America is nearly the same as well, expect only a few larger companies; Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, JB Hunt, Warner, Swift and the like with security at the fenced in gates and other than that it is really a rarity.

com/nw85.shtml.Things have changed more recently and after 9-11 for a while things were a little less open; people would say stuff or come see what you were up too. Then it slacked off for a while, now things are better than they were. But personally I have driven into and out of many ports, rail yards, truck terminals and many plants and factories.

I never worried about it, as I had legitimate business there.But I am a patriotic American, what if someone else had ill intentions. Are our rail yards indeed safe? What about our trucking terminals? Have you considered this? Chances are someone would see something suspicious and come take a look-see? Chances are good that would happen? But are we willing to rely on chance; are you? Is that fair to the safety and security of the American People? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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