Superstition Is Not Half As Bad

The dictionary says that superstition is a "belief or beliefs justified neither by reason nor evidence nor by any religious canon." Luckily, it doesn't say it is something bad. The thing is that we don't need to hear judgment from the dictionary anyway; we have plenty coming from every other person we encounter.Have you ever had people coming to you and saying: "Do you believe in what? Oh, that's just plain superstition." Or, "Gosh, how superstitious you are!" Or, even worse: "Stop being so superstitious!".

The good thing is that a belief is just that; there is truly no real explanation on why we do believe in certain things and not others. So what makes sense to one is viewed as lacking sense to others.Some examples besides the most common such as the black cat, the broken mirror, the underneath the ladder, Friday the 13th are: don't open your umbrella inside the house; stop the clocks and cover your mirrors when someone dies, don't leave your shoes upside down on the floor; don't eat meat on Fridays; don't dream, and God forbid, talk about, your dreams or you will jinx then, and so on.I don't know about you, but I don't know a single person who doesn't possess at least one superstitious belief.

Even every culture has a different set of superstitions. But I say: superstition is a great thing, and we should be not less, but even more superstitious than we already are.Think for a minute: if a superstition makes you believe in something and believing in something puts your vibration in high gear and makes you send this vibration to the Universe, it follows that, since the Universe only says Yes to your thoughts, chances are you will be getting what you put out.

Complicated? Not at all!.Superstitions are nothing less that the Law of Attraction in action. Of course, the caveat is that you can only think of positive superstitions or else you are truly doomed.

If you think you will have 7 years of bad luck because of that silly mirror you just broke, this might be just what you will get.On the other hand, if you think that the Feng-Shui cures you put in your house will help your life get better, then, this too will happen.Speaking of Feng-Shui, did you know that if you tie 3 Chinese coins with a red ribbon and put it in your wallet, you will never lack any money? Those who believe it will have a grand time sending the vibes: always money, to the Universe.

Be sure to understand that this belief will become true to the person: no lack whatsoever.So now, what you need to do is choose positive superstitions to belief and discard the negatives. To discard the negative ones just say to yourself: "I am now letting go of this belief" and immediately think of another, positive and empowering, to take its place.

So, next time you receive a prayer in your email saying that you will receive a miracle if you forward it to 20 people, just do it. If you believe that you will receive the miracle, chances are, you will.

. Maria Moratto 2006.Dr. Maria Moratto is the author of "The Inner Cure: Healing Your Body, Mind, and Soul.

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By: Maria Moratto

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