The Colour of Success

Success is a word used too often in today's world that its true values have lost its impact on many people's lives. Our parents want us to be successful individuals just as our friends and well wishers pray that we succeed in achieving our goals and aspirations. It is a term you would find every institution stresses upon because sometimes being successful is what life is all about.But the question is, what does success really mean? Is it only about achieving Big and getting famous? Is it about getting into the showbiz and having fans following you all over? Or is it about breaking world records and the like? Well, you may call these success. Indeed they are, if getting there brings overwhelming joy and that incredible feeling which only true success brings.

Yet, success is not about wealth and fame, it isn't about being celebrities. It isn't about getting degrees after degrees and still feeling like a failure. It isn't about having everything within your reach and still hungering for more.Success is enoying the fruits of one's hard labour.

It is the realisation that hard work pays you back in double measures. For a farmer, success is reaping rich crops. It is a celebration of the good harvest that his whole year's labour has brought. It is overcoming obstacles, hurdles and challenges by defying all odds with sustained and dedicated effort.There is only one kind of success that determines every individual's life.

You may be a student, a housewife, a doctor, an engineer, a journalist, a musician, a preacher, a businessman and the like but success justifies and crowns you according to the amount of dedication and effort you put into anything that you work upon.It may not bring you great wealth and fame but reaching the pinnacle of success is about being rewarded with the fruits of your hard labour.Great figures like Gandhiji, Shakespeare, Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci, have attained success and remain respectable to date. It is because they pursued what they believed in and went forward to achieve greatness, giving in all that is required of them.Life is a constant struggle but despite odds if you choose success to be your sole aim, you will always be a winner.

Go and get the crown before its too late.

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By: Vishii Rita Krocha

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