The Mirror of SelfReflection

If you find yourself waiting around during the day or at night for a chance to flash your genitalia at someone, you may want to ask yourself why you want to do that.What do you hope to gain by flashing your genitalia at someone? Not only is it illegal, you're imposing your private reality on some innocent person's private space. Would you like if someone imposed a private reality on your personal space that you found disgusting?.You might want to ask yourself why you're so insensitive or hostile (whichever fits) toward the reality and personal space of others.

If you're out mugging people, breaking in houses, car jacking, robbing stores etc. you might want to look deeply into your heart ask yourself why you have the need to take away what belongs to others. Why you don't want to acquire your own valuables.

Why you don't want to work for what you get or give things of equal value in exchange for what you get.You might want to ask yourself what makes you so greedy for things belonging to others rather than going out and proudly acquiring your own things of value!.If you're an officer of the law and find yourself abusing, misusing or otherwise trashing the laws that you've vowed to uphold. You might want to ask yourself what the hell's going on with you!.Are you racial profiling? Are you on the take? Are you beating up suspects just because you can? Do you feel that you're above the laws and moral codes that apply to everyone else?.If you do you might want to do some deep soul searching to find out why you've allowed your vows and honor codes to become turned inside out!.

If you're a parent who sexually, physically or verbally abuses your kids, or physically or emotionally neglects your kids. You might want to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you call yourself a parent! What the hell's wrong with you? What's the problem? What's going wrong in your head?.You might want to think about getting some deep professional help quick!.

If you find yourself in a gang, living a brutal lifestyle, doing drive bys, doing hits, selling drugs, worried about getting busted. Worried about if you may get hit yourself, having to appear cold and unfeeling in the horror of all the violence and brutality you're involved in, so those you hang with won't take advantage of you and try to punk you out. You might want to sit down and rethink your position!.Do you really enjoy all of that turmoil and violence? Is it really worth your life? Do you really enjoy that lifestyle?.You might want to ask yourself what makes you so insensitive and callous about the violence you perpetrate on others!.If you find yourself dragging a black man behind your truck until he's decapitated.

Shooting at minorities as they're leaving church services. Shooting up a Jewish daycare center, killing and tying a gay youth to a gate, blowing up men, women and children in a federal building, hanging a black youth etc.,.You might want to take a hard long look in the mirror of darkness and ask yourself if you really like what you see!.What motivates you to commit these horrendous acts? Why do they appeal to you? Were you born that way or did you learn to be that way? What makes you so eager to engage in acts of hatred, anger and bloodshed? Would you enjoy it if these acts were done to you, your family or your friends?.

Your might want to ask yourself to let the true light shine into the true source of your dark motivations and hatreds!.The mirror of self-reflection doesn't play favorites. It reflects all sides of your personality equally.Do you like what you see?.

I Hope not!.Copyright 2005 El-Veasey Publishing Inc.

.El-Veasey has PhDs in sociology and Lifeology from the University Of Hard-Knocks, GhettoTown, USA Email: elveasey at

By: El Veasey

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