The Person Who Gives You The Most Angst Has A Gift For You

Have you wondered why it seems that the same type person shows up in your life?the person who gives you the most angst, a.k.a. difficult people? This person could be your neighbor, boss, colleague, service provider, someone on a committee you are on, etc.Metaphysically, we are here to learn and grow spiritually and emotionally.

In order for this growth to occur we need to see what needs our attention for growth. Other people are the most effective way for anyone to learn and grow?they hold up the mirror for you to see yourself. They bring to you the issues you need to learn about and move beyond. They are bringing the perfect gift for you--their 'difficult' behavior so that you can learn and grow.Keeping this awareness in mind, you can, 'Thank' these people for being such a pain, because they are your most accurate mirror of what you need to learn.

When someone seems difficult?ask yourself:.? What about this person annoys me?
? What beliefs do I need to reevaluate/change?
? Who in my past does this person remind me?
? What does this person do that I don't like about myself?
? What do I need to change to change my experience?
? What are his/her motivations?
? What are my choices?.Last, but not least, express yourself/interact differently to change your experience with that person.

.Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, author, "If I'd Only Known.

Sexual Abuse in or Out of the Family: A Guide to Prevention, specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing. As an inspirational leader, Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

By: Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

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