The Secret to Making it BIG

Do you dream BIG? Using all of your faculties to imagine that you can obtain your wildest, biggest, seemingly impossible dream? Now that you've imagined it, have you asked yourself how to get it? If not, that could be what is halting your forward progress.The mind is a wonderful thing. It works day and night to solve the things that are presented to it. In fact, it won't stop until we acknowledge that the result is to our liking.

How often have you pushed something out of your consciousness only to have it resurface in your dreams? That's the mind still working on the solution that was requested.According to Allen and Hansen in The One Minute Millionaire, since questions predetermine the answer, the problem that most of the population faces is that they dream too small. How often have you found yourself asking for a new job, a 5% raise, or a couple of new clients? Hansen and Allen suggest that while you have effectively mastered asking and manifesting your requests, you should be asking, "How do I earn or create a million dollars?" In other words, think, dream, and question big! Imagine putting the mind to work on that one!.Joel sat by the water staring ahead but not seeing the glorious view, or appreciating the beautiful day.

Instead he was buried in distress. He had just a few days to come up with the money to make his bills, and he was horribly short. So he sat by the water trying to think of ways to secure the much needed cash. Borrowing the money was out - overtime would provide the funds, but not in time.

While he was contemplating his dilemma an older gentleman of about 70 sat down at the other end of the bench. After a few moments he asked Joel why he had such a heavy heart. Joel replied that his finances were strained month after month, and this month was the worse yet.The older gentleman looked at Joel for several seconds and replied, "So, what are you going to do about it?" To this Joel snapped "Well, if I knew that, I wouldn't be sitting here!" The older gentleman thought for a moment and said "I think that you have finally found the problem." To this Joel looked at him with exasperation clearly etched on his face.

The older gentleman drew a deep breath and began to explain it slowly. "You see, young fella, you have spent so much time dwelling on how to meet your monthly obligations, that you have not spent any time trying to solve your lifetime obligations. I don't mean the financial obligations to others, but the ones you owe to yourself.

So, I suggest that you broaden your line of sight and try to determine how you're going to make your success for one year, ten years, twenty years, and finally a lifetime. Don't fret, ask the questions and the answers will come. In the meanwhile you'll find you're your daily, weekly and monthly expenses will take care of themselves.".The older gentleman got up from the bench, placed his hat on his head, tipped it to Joel and carefully made his way back down the path. At the end of the path Joel saw a chauffeur waiting patiently for the gentleman, with the door held wide.

Joel looked after him for a few minutes and decided then and there to put the advice given to him to use. He figured that he had nothing to lose, and the old gentleman must know a bit about what he suggested if he could afford a chauffeur driven limousine.Are you going to take the advice of the old gentleman too, and broaden your line of sight? Are you asking the BIG questions and letting the little ones fall into place on their own? Let your mind do what it does best and solve the problems for you. Just remember that you asked the question, so be on the lookout for the answer when it comes. Please note the usage - When it comes, not if .

for the answer will come.

.Eva Gregory, master coach, speaker and author of The Feel Good Guide To Prosperity, http://www., has instructed thousands on the Laws of Attraction in person, on the radio and in dozens of teleconference training seminars and programs. She is the author of several books and e-books and has co-developed several telephone-based and internet-based training courses on the Laws of Attraction. Her most popular program to date is her Leading Edge Living One Year Success Program.

( Eva is regularly featured on radio and in the media and is a recognized authority on the Laws of Attraction. To learn more about her products and services, visit Leading Edge Coaching, http://www. You're welcome to "reprint" this article online as long as it remains complete and unaltered (including the "about the author" info at the end), and you send a copy of your reprint to eva@coacheva.

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By: Eva Gregory

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