The Truth About Marriage Being Between a Man and a Woman

Marriage really is between a man and a woman and the President it write. Ancient writings actually show this as well as scripture and our own United States Law. So when gays and lesbians have been denied marriage actually that is the law, that is the way it reads and that folks is the truth. But do not try to debate a gay activist, they will call you all sorts of slanderous things, let me tell it happened to me as Rob states; "Why don't you just force us put "pink triangles" on our clothes so people are warned of us and then put us into concentration camps where we can be isolated subjected to perverted experiments and eventually exterminated".Hmm interesting, but you have already hi-jacked the Rainbow, so just use that? Why is it that anyone who disagrees with a homosexual is automatically called a NAZI? As we all know this was a NAZI tactic to get rid of the gays before the second World War during Hitler's reign. This name-calling has to stop or it is obvious that the gay marriage agenda will be so far on the back burner that even Hillary Clinton won't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

The G & L Community needs to reign in the radical fringe, if they are to get anywhere with their goals of HHS licensing; homosexual homogenizing schemes or GU Gay Unions. What we need is some decent dialogue on the issue, but you will not find that online with any gay activist groups. They are out of control indeed. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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