The Zen of Dating Lessons from My Maple Trees

I'm just going to admit something to you that you may think is plain silly, but somehow I never knew, until this week, that maple trees have flowers. Yes, flowers. Sprays of tiny light-green blossoms pepper the branches of my maple trees, and for years I have mistaken them as the beginnings of leaf growth.Not so! These tiny buds precede the flat seed pods that twirl like little helicopters in the wind. Honestly, I'm astonished that I never noticed this before. Which leads me to ask, "What will you discover this spring that you never noticed before about dating? Are you open to uncovering something new that will positively impact the way you experience the process?".

Thinking like this is akin to what is called "beginner's mind" in Zen. With beginner's mind, you approach every experience with a clean slate and allow for fresh insights. Imagine meeting each new prospect with a clean dating slate? If you approach dating in Zen style, what novel opportunities become available to you? One thing is for sure, this will help you take the pressure off each activity you try.

Before you attend the next singles event or share emails with someone on, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and start fresh. Let go of thoughts that hold you back or no longer serve you. Leave behind the baggage of disappointment and hurt and release negative thoughts that bring you down.

Instead, open to the exciting possibilities available to someone who just entered the dating scene and still believes these methods can help find the right mate. Doing this increases your enjoyment significantly and improves your odds of connecting too. Positive, open-minded people are highly attractive and everyone is magnetically drawn to them! Please give it a try soon.

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By: Ronnie Ann Ryan

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