Tropical Hurricane Gordon Not the Type of Storm You Want to Mess With

Well it does look like this is a big Hurricane Season after all and the weathermen and women were correct. We are already on the; G's and we are not even near the middle of the Hurricane Season yet. Will this 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season be like that of the 2005 record breaking Hurricane Season? Well, the answer is it is still to early to tell, but it is indeed a notable Hurricane Season this year isn't it. Now mind you Tropical Hurricane Gordon is not the sort of storm you want to mess with.But then again neither were the other already named storms this year either. Tropical Depression Gordon, was almost certain to gain Tropical Storm force winds and few were surprised when it did.

Now when Hurricane Gordon arrived, well now it was news. Tropical Hurricane Gordon is not your everyday, average, run of the mill Hurricane, no sir, it is an ominous calculating Hurricane looking for a sunny beach to wreak havoc on.What do shoreline residents say about Gordon? Well they really don't like the guy very much and he has not been invited to any parties lately and most meteorologists and weather expert agree this is one storm you don't want to mess with indeed. Tropical Hurricane Gordon is rolling in, have you secured your family yet? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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