US Has a Right to Fortify Our Border as per Constitution

Many of the illegal alien protestors, rally participants, boycotters and demonstrators say they want rights like any other American. But how can you barge into someone else's nation and sneak in and then demand all the rights of a citizen? That is simply insanity. Yet, our elected representatives are on drugs and seem to think this is okay.

Senator Ted Kennedy even went to one of the rallies where illegal aliens were marching and chanting anti-American Slogans and carrying flags upside down to give a speech to the crowd. Meanwhile Cuban Dictator also praised the protestors in the US for their marches and demonstrations. Maybe Fidel Castro can be a United States Senator also; who knows, as this appears to be where we are headed doesn't it?.

It is truly amazing that these protestors tell us this is only the beginning and decry the many calls for putting up fences on our borders. They say that they want open immigration and vow that these illegal immigration protests in our nation are just the beginning of their civil rights movement? WTF.First the United States of America has a right to fortify our borders and a duty to protect the American People.

The Federal Government has a responsibility in the Constitution to protect her states from Foreign Invaders, well that is exactly what illegal aliens are, and it is about time the government start doing its job G-darn it. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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