Using Yogic Posture Exercises as Workout Routine

The word "YOGA" is derived from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. The literal meaning of Yoga is addition, or joining or combining. The practice of Yoga involves a set of routines and carefully controlled lifestyle which help in realizing inner potential, attaining higher consciousness level and aligning or becoming one with the all pervading consciousness or energy level.

While attempting to reach the goal, there is tremendous improvement in physical, mental and emotional health.Yogic postures, called Yogasanas, form one component of Yogic practices. By themselves these postures can bring about awesome benefits in overall fitness.

There are prescribed methods of doing these exercises. Basically one has to form the body in a particular posture, hold the body in that posture for sometime and then slowly come back to what we can call the posture of rest. These exercises are characterized by absence of jerks and slow body movements.To understand these exercises better let us compare them with dynamic exercises with which we are more familiar, such as acrobatics, gymnastics, jogging etc. These exercises are effective on muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems.

There are dynamic Yogic exercises (different from Yogic posture exercises) which also stimulate nervous and glandular system. All these exercises involve speed and dynamic body movements resulting in expenditure of energy and perspiration.In Yogic posture exercises there is deep relaxation and energy conservation resulting in freshness.

This is basically a nerve culture as it relaxes the nerves. The exercise starts from the posture of rest. First lie down in this posture, calm down your breathing, calm down your nerves and calm down your thoughts. Then form the posture you have in mind with slow body movement without jerk of any kind.

Posture exercises are accompanied by prescribed breathing pattern. This posture is maintained for prescribed length of time which may be several seconds to few minutes. Then come back slowly to the posture of rest. After remaining in rest for 30 seconds to few minutes, the next posture exercise is done. This pattern is repeated for as long as you wish to do the exercise. Normally exercise workout routine for 30 minutes in a day is good enough for an average person.

Doing these exercises regularly gives remarkable benefits. Generally circulation of body fluids improves and metabolic activities become more efficient. Better blood circulation ensures more thorough distribution of oxygen in the body and more complete removal of toxins.

Additionally each posture benefits particular set of organs and muscles. Depending upon the need and condition of health, tailor-made set of exercises can be designed.Many people believe that life-force flows in our nerves. When the flow of life-force is unregulated and uncoordinated it provides conditions for development of body disorders or ailments from within the body. Yogic posture exercises work very well in this area and prevent ailments. The overall body vigour and freshness are maintained.

There is a balance of metabolic activities and unnecessary growths in the body are avoided.If you are looking for general well being, life free from diseases and lifetime fitness regular Yogic posture exercises can help you. Though these exercises can be combined with other work-outs, they can by themselves provide all the workout routine you need for maintaining a good health.

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By: Sanjay Johari

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