Why is Teaching Yoga so Rewarding Part

Can teaching Yoga really be that rewarding? Why do Yoga teachers love their job? Will your Yoga training open up doors for your dream job? Let's look at some of these questions and see how you can make your dream job become a reality. Even if you have no desire to teach Yoga, the practice of Yoga can be your gateway to satisfaction, fulfillment, achievement, and a successful life.Is teaching Yoga classes really a rewarding occupation? After the first student comes up and thanks you for class - that is only the beginning. Some Yoga students have pre-existing ailments and pain.

Yoga cannot promise a cure for any ailment, but Yoga can offer less pain, pain management, and sometimes, pain goes away altogether. Your students will definitely tell you what Yoga does for them.The gratification of helping others, on a daily basis, is spontaneous. This cultivates positive energy from within the core of your inner being.

You give the gift of Yoga, but you share positive energy, and usually walk away with more energy than you had before you taught a Yoga class.Being able to make your own hours is a priceless benefit for Yoga teachers. You do not have to be in traffic during peak times.

You choose the time and place you want to work. If you want to teach Yoga in the morning at a corporate fitness center, senior center, health club, or teach a private Yoga session, you can choose the best option for your schedule and "pocket book.".As a Yoga teacher, you are a perennial student for life. You must pursue knowledge every day, for the safety of your students, to enhance your Yoga teaching practice, and to improve the lives of all those who learn from you.Teaching any style of Yoga is akin to practicing Jnana Yoga, (Union through knowledge), even if you are a Hatha Yoga teacher.

How can I state this? Yoga knowledge is infinite and the pursuit of Yogic knowledge is a daily task. Continuing education is an integral part of every Yoga teacher's life.Otherwise, Yoga instructors will become stale and unsafe in our teaching methods. You see, Yoga is an evolving system of health maintenance, where "nothing is carved in stone." Therefore, we must learn and share the latest methods for a safe Yoga class. Copyright 2006 ? Paul Jerard / Aura Publications.

.Paul Jerard is a co-owner and the director of Yoga teacher training at: Aura Wellness Center, in North Providence, RI. He has been a certified Master Yoga teacher since 1995.

He is a master instructor of martial arts, with multiple Black Belts, four martial arts teaching credentials, and was recently inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He teaches Yoga, martial arts, and fitness to children, adults, and seniors in the greater Providence area. Recently he wrote: Is Running a Yoga Business Right for You? For Yoga students, who may be considering a new career as a Yoga teacher.


By: Paul Jerard

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