Women going bald be hopeful and bold

Baldness? For some time a hairdresser can hide it: short crimps make your hairstyle look fluffy. But later on it's harder to conceal this sad fact. Once you believed you were in the prime of your life, but now incipient process of hair loss makes you think about fading youth. You look in the mirror and you're upset.

You feel older. Sometimes it even comes to a stress. It happens not only to men. An important factor of women's hair loss is heredity.

It's the main reason for baldness in 85% of cases. If your mother, your grandmother or aunt grew bald, the same can happen to you. In contrast to men that lose their hair on the top of the head or along the edges, women baldness takes place evenly on the whole surface of the head. Yet thinning of hair can be more visible on the top and along the edges as well. Nobody knows why hair stops growing. Scientists say, women that have a heightened quantity of male hormones and whose hair is very sensitive to hormone fluctuation, most often begin to lose their hair.

In course of time their locks grow thinner as follicles get narrower and eventually quit producing hairs. The bitter truth is that there's not much you can do to stop balding: you can try some medicines or hair transplantation. "Wonder-working" remedies as massage, creams, vitamins in large doses are not of a big use. But you shouldn't become disheartened. There are some resources of your choice.

The problem is not only in your head. You should know other factors that can cause hair loss problems. Nutrition. Low-calorie diets, when food value is lower than energy consumption of your organism. Protein deprivation (grapefruit nutrition or eating no beans, lean meat and other protein sources) affects organism adversely, because protein is essential for hair growth.

Anemia. Birth of a child. Such drugs as contraceptives, anabolic steroids, beta-blockers, blood pressure lowers and medicines on basis of vitamin A. Arthritis, lupus and polycystic ovaries syndrome. A hard stress caused for example by divorce or death of relative. Poor food can also lead to stress.

Some of these factors can provoke temporal hair loss. In a number of cases after a careful examination doctors recommend a healthy diet, stress relief and medication. Sometimes they help to renew your hair growth.

Are you sure that you lose your hair? Don't panic if you notice some hairs on your comb. Usually women lose 50-100 hairs a day. It's not much ? there are more than 100 000 hairs on your head. Don't worry if you notice some hairs fell out during bathing, it happens to everyone. If you suppose that you have hair loss, do this for a test: take a lock of hair and pull it carefully but strongly enough.

If there are more than six hairs left in your hand, then probably you have already start going bald. Take into account some simple tips to conceal you problem: Have your hair waved. It's the easiest way to hide baldness.

When the hair is wavy and fuzz, it seems like it's thick. But don't use small hair-rollers, they tighten the hair too strong. Stroke but don't rub. When you dry your hair after shower, just softly put a towel on it. Comb your hair carefully.

Never comb wet hair or make a knot. Use combs with rare teeth. And forget grandmother's advise to comb your hair 100 times a day. Do it just to make a hairstyle.

Use only fair hair-dyes. The worst you can do ? to die your hair black. The skin would be seen through your thinning hair. And keep your hands off your hair! Get rid of a habit to pull at your hair and wind it over a finger. The more you touch your hairs, the sooner the weak once will fall out.

Devin Greenfield is a connoisseur of natural hair loss treatments. Don't hesitate to visit his website to learn more about women's hair loss.

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