Wish Upon A Shooting Star - I have always been a dreamer.

Roman Empire Fell While the People Were Frolicking and Partying - If is a wide held fact that Rome fell during a slave revolt while people were partying and frolicking; does this mean that while men are busy loving other men and carrying on in a Homosexual Way that those less privileged in a lower created class.

One of the Keys To Your Health and Fitness Try Patience On For Size - I must make a confession.

Cambodian Magazines More Drawbacks than Good - Indeed, I do appreciate the openness to public opinion and other mental curiosity of the Cambodian government, and this is the message to reveal the world; specifically Cambodia, that nearly all of the magazines based in Cambodia are converting th.

Yoga Something for Everyone - There is no such thing as one kind of yoga.

Autistic Children Need OneonOne Assistance - Our school systems cannot fund one-on-one assistance to our children as we pack 20-30 into a classroom.

One Complete Difference between Commoner and Philosopher - I divide human into two complete different categories: ?commoner? and ?philosopher.

Pederasty - In the time between the era of Count Rumford and the Greeks it is possible that more genetic or ethereal ritualistic knowledge was imbued into the ether and the CONstructs the mystery schools maintain.

How To Have A Pleasant Date - You love dating.

God Pervades All Things - As I sat among the emerald, silky-smooth grass and enormous oak trees that inhabited my secret place of contemplation, I pondered the meaning of my existence.

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