No Prince Charming Youve Got to be Kidding Me - It all started with, ?Once upon a time there lived a noble gentleman who had a little girl.

Birth of American Journalism - Journalism is said to be the second oldest profession ? people?s curiosity about themselves, their government and commerce being so compelling.

The Truth About Marriage Being Between a Man and a Woman - Marriage really is between a man and a woman and the President it write.

More the Delay More the Enjoyment Delayed Gratification for Men in Dating - Put a check on your levels of expectation, before you get into the dating arena.

US Has a Right to Fortify Our Border as per Constitution - Many of the illegal alien protestors, rally participants, boycotters and demonstrators say they want rights like any other American.

Google Controversy Child Porn Ads Data Retention Laws and What Congress Plans to Do About It - With questionably-qualified self-interested politicians in charge of all three branches of government, how can we possibly expect the government to make reasonable decisions? We know how foolishly they deal with illegal immigration policies ? maki.

Key to Success Good is the Enemy of Great - First off, I would echo the voice of 18th century French philosopher Voltaire, made popular and relevant in today?s leadership lexicon by ?Good to Great? author Jim Collins, who said, ?Good is the Enemy of Great.

Clean Out the Clutter and Move Forward in Your Life - When spring rolls around, we often get busy cleaning our homes and clearing out the clutter.

Panic Attacks Fear of Panic - Now ? not everyone who suffers with panic attacks will develop the ?fear? of having a panic attack.

Dating Are You Shy With Opposite Sex - Many of us are shy talking to the opposite sex.

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