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Phi Kappa Phi Supports Nascent University
Koizumi's Yasukuni visit ruled unconstitutional
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Relationships But I Never Meant That - Communication is the key to any relationship.

Sexual Health Is Not a Womens Issue - It's a fact that men and women don't enjoy sex in quite the same way.

Human Life Who Would Want To Do It - Obviously life is not easy or fair.

Leadership The Decisive Factor - In every human endeavour, the type of leadership that is available often determines what measure of success or failure that is achieved.

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Learn Korean

In Korea all higher educational institutes are under te supervision of the minister of education. Find articles and resources about the education system in the Republic of Korea.

Indonesia, Korea, Thailand top value shar

RECOGNITION OF Thailand's great value share prices has put the country on a pedestal in terms of Asian funds. Despite holding its own in the region last year, the Thai market has far from stood out for.


Haeso Cheonsik

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an important, and increasing, cause of disability and death around the world (1-3). Despite being a major disease, it still is often not identified by.


education for the future

In a world of accelerating change and increasing uncertainty, what values will help inspire and sustain children as they become young adults? Unlike past generations, children today can expect to have


International Education On the Rise

TEN YEARS AGO, less than 10 percent of LOMA's education business was international. Today, it accounts for a staggering 60 percent. For LOMA,



Their War for Korea

Their War for Korea: American, Asian, and European Combatants and Civilians, 1945-1953. By Allan R. Millet. Washington: Brassey's, 2002. 311 pages. $25.95