A True World only when everyone is Economic - To begin with, I confess that my following opinions would be really obsolete for a large number of people, especially to those who are crazing amongst materialistic prosperity.

Keep Your Life On Track by Giving Yourself a Little Space - Copyright 2006 Cari Vollmer.

Good People Fun and Romance Are Just A Click Away - One would think with all the dating and romance sites on the Internet, a person might ask "why start another singles' site and is there room for another on-line service catering to the singles' market"? Apparently the answer is yes.

Why Does the Gospel of Mark Have No Positive Ending and John Has Two - One of the most interesting realities found in the Gospels is that the Gospel of Mark has no good ending to the story of Jesus crucifixion, while the Gospel of John has TWO.

Activity Who do I See in the Mirror - Personal Reflection: What do I see? Today?s Date:.

The Person Who Gives You The Most Angst Has A Gift For You - Have you wondered why it seems that the same type person shows up in your life?the person who gives you the most angst, a.

What Does a Life On Track Mean to YOU - Clients come to me when they want to make a change in their life but feel confused, afraid and overwhelmed on how to get started.

Tropical Hurricane Gordon Not the Type of Storm You Want to Mess With - Well it does look like this is a big Hurricane Season after all and the weathermen and women were correct.

Faith Its Role In Your Creative Process - Faith is a practical mechanism that empowers you to take the impulses you receive from The Divine?the impulses signaling to you what is longing to be born through you?and make sure these budding creations have the energy they need to manifest.

Spiritual Growth Should Come First - Christian growth is a never ending process.

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